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The Project

The website of the Audes crafts and skilled trades : www.artisan-aude.fr

Connecting to this site will easily allow you to search for the plumber, caterer, mechanic or TV repairer closest to where you live.
  • All you need to do is indicate your area on the map and choose an activity, a trade, a theme and key words from the lists. In just a few clicks you will have the name and address of the trade or craft business most closely corresponding to your criteria.

  • If you then wish to refine your search and obtain information about the skills, qualifications, experience and commitment to quality of the businesses selected, nothing could be simpler. You will be able to see whether they are qualified and are committed to the quality and client-service criteria.

  • If you wish to know more about their products and services and their methods of working; the ambassadors websites contain a video where one can see their work and get to know them more fully.

The Quality Commitment Charter

Our clientele is evolving. They are now more sought after, well-informed and demanding. Todays consumer is highly sensitive to quality of service.

Those who have signed the Quality Commitment Charter undertake to:
  • Identify the clients needs in order to better understand their questions.

  • Reserve the finest reception for the client and complete attention.

  • Use their professional know-how to better inform, serve and make themselves available.

  • To clearly inform the client regarding the products or services being offered.

  • To present the client with clear estimates and detailed invoices.

  • Respect the time limits and the agreed tariffs.

  • Offer them a product and a service which corresponds to their requirements.

  • Charge the correct price.

  • Respect the appropriate regulations and current laws (signposting, hygiene, security, quality, environment. )

  • Reply to messages within 24 hours.

Home The Project The Ambassadors Quality Videos Links Version Franaise contact@artisan-aude.fr
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